The eBook Formula for Freelance Writers


So how much can you really make? Hugh Howey, one of biggest success stories of self-publishing, has sold over a million copies of his runaway success novel, Wool. Howey recognizes that he’s an outlier – not every self-published author is making as much as he does. But Howey loves to support other writers in any way he can. So he decided to conduct some research into how many writers are making a small but steady income from their craft. In an online writing forum, he asked how many writers were making between $100 and $500 per month selling self-published ebooks. The response shocked Howey. Not because he struggled to get responses. But because, in Howey’s own words: “Every response I received started with a variation of: ‘I’m actually making a lot more than that.’”

Howey heard from Jan Strand, who in January 2012 made over $11,000 from his self-published novels. He received a response from Rachel Schurig, who sold over 100,000 ebooks in one year and cleared a six-figure income. He also heard from Rick Gualtieri, who made over $25,000 in 2012, and Amanda Brice, who makes a nice side-income of $750 per month.

If you know how to spin a good yarn, and if you connect with the right audience, you can earn a good living selling your own ebooks. And remember, you only have to write a book once for it to start earning money. After you’ve written and published that eBook, you continue earning royalties from the work for as long as it continues to sell. And the more books you write, the more you earn.

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