Bowflex Tread Climber


This is one of the best workout cardio machines that give the best results to a person. It has the capability to raise the rate at which the heart beats when compared to other workout machines. Most people prefer the bowflex Tread Climber as it does not strain the joints and by the end of the exercise, one does not feel extremely exhausted.

A good example of the bowflex tread climber is the TC20 tread climber which has a dual treadle system. It has a treadmill with belts that move as a person takes strides forward. It also has the stair climber functionalities with treadles that move up and down hence giving the elliptical trainer effect. The machine is quite instrumental in helping an individual to; loose weight, improve the density of the bones as well as increasing the energy levels. It also helps in checking someone’s cholesterol levels and enhancing leanness.

It is installed with a backlit LCD that helps to monitor the speed at which the person is moving. The device also records the time taken and the distance covered during the exercise. It also has a wireless heart rate monitor. The calories burned during the workout can easily be monitored. Whenever someone uses the machine, his/her profile is recorded. It has the capability to establish targets, monitors the progress and it resets automatically after a period of one week for instance. It is very easy to compare the progress at different points in time. The speed can be readjusted and it varies from a minimum of 0.5 miles per hour to a maximum of around 4.5 miles per hour. While using it, one can comfortably take water or flip through the pages of a magazine hence making the exercise enjoyable. The machine has a weight loss plan which is very important for loosing weight.

The machine ensures that less time is used during the workout time and yet the impact is enormous. The footboards on the machine make it easier for someone to start or stop the workout. A brand new machine usually comes with a well illustrated user manual and a three year warranty. With this machine, it is very easy for someone to personalize the workout. It is also quite portable given that it can be assembled and it also has wheels for easing its movement from one spot to the other.


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