Wanna Know How to Keep Your Best Writing Clients? Here’s The Formula


freelancerTo get a stable income as a writer, consider this. Imagine, finding a client who’d will pay $100-150 for an article. Though that might seem great news, think of it this way: What if the client was worth about $10,000?

If you play the cards right, this might just be. If you convince him/her to pay $100 per article to write about 100 articles, you’ll have reached $10,000. It could take one year, or probably more to write such many articles, but its less work than actually writing 100 different articles for 100 clients.

Your goal, while writing, should be to get many quality long-term clients.

Think of this: Would it be better have a client who pays you $200 to write 1 article, or get $10,000 to write 100 articles? If you’re wise, you’ll jump at that income that’s provided by the long term-client.

Clients will always come and go in this content industry. More often when a client comes your way, many tend to follow. Similarly, when a client says bye, many others will go too. This may not happen due to something a writer did. It’s just because the writing world keeps the client come-client go kind of flow.

What if you’d get a clients who never say bye? For this to be so, you need to convince the clients that losing you is like a child losing their favorite teddy-bear. Here’s a look at tips you’ll need to ensure you keep the client for long.

1. Discounts

When you get a client that is worth keeping, prove that you are worth hanging onto. Offering 10% discount on every 4th batch of the articles that you I complete for the client is a great way to keep him/her coming for more. You’re actuality, boosting your overall income. It’s also good to offer the introductory discount —like 20% off the initial article. This entices the client

2. Blog about relevant topics

Be social to strengthen your client-writer relationship. It’s necessary to connect with clients a personable level. Like connecting with them on social media.

3. Always be honest
3. Have the strict-guarantee policy

If the client is not satisfied with the work, he/she shouldn’t pay for it.

As you progress as a writer, you’ll meet various clients. Following these tips will land you long-term clients.


What’s Your Passion? Is it Writing?

Make Money

Make Money

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I’ve been earning my living on the internet for over 11 years. In any case, my story is a bit unusual.
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Bowflex Tread Climber


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