Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review



Moving around with a young family can be extremely challenging. However, the Caboose Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller from Joovy is specially designed to make this much easier. It is a highly maneuverable, lightweight and compact unit that can accommodate an infant and toddler at the same time. The stroller has the front-facing baby seat with the ability to accommodate different infant car seats. It also features a stand-on platform and a toddler seat, which can hold children that are more than 2 ½ years old.

Ideally, both seats can accommodate children that are over 40 inches tall and 45 pounds in weight. At just 21 pounds, the product is 20 percent lighter than most of the double strollers that are on the market today. It is a faster and smoother stroller, thanks to the sealed ball-bearing wheels, which allow for greater maneuverability. Moreover, you do not need to worry about where you will keep your essentials like the cellphone and keys as it has enough room for that. It also has a cup holder, where you can keep your drinks cool.
Some of the main features of this stroller include;

1. The Multi-position Reclining Seat

The stroller features a large, comfortable and fully adjustable front seat with a five-point harness, and a three-point harness on the rear bench seat, which is meant to offer optimal comfort to the little one. Whether your child needs to sit in an upright position or take a nap as you stroll around with them, you simply need to adjust the seat in order to provide them with the comfort they need. Whether you are trekking through the zoo or simply browsing at the mall, your child will definitely love the versatility that is offered by the Joovy Caboose ultra-light stroller. The stroller is extremely simple to recline and it does not require any special tools to do this. Moreover the padded and adjustable rear seat allows your child to rest even in the standing position. This makes it one of the most versatile strollers on the market.

2. The Oversize Canopy

The oversize canopy is designed to provide optimum protection against the scotching sun, harmful ultraviolet rays as well as the rain. The sun visor extension offers enough shade to protect the child from the harmful elements. This enables you to move around with your little ones during a hot sunny day, bright summer days or even in rainy weather. The canopy covers the front seat as well as the back seat, which means that both children will be protected. Moreover, the canopy can be reclined either forward or backward based on the position of the sun. This ensures that your children are always under the shade regardless of the time of day or the position of the sun. It is an elegant canopy that can be folded when the weather is relatively fair. This makes it one of the best strollers to use under different weather conditions.

3. The Foldable Design

The stroller also features a foldable design. You can fold this stroller by following simple steps. Moreover, the process does not require any special tools. This makes it a highly portable unit that you can take virtually anywhere with ease. It can fit in the trunks of most compact cars, which makes it the best stroller to use during vacations or when going to the park with little ones. The stroller folds compactly and locks for easier storage as it takes up very minimal space. Moreover at just around 21 pounds, the stroller can easily be carried around for instance when placing it in or out of the car. In the same way, setting up this stroller requires very minimal effort as you can set it up in less than ten minutes. The good thing is that it always comes with a detailed manual to guide you through the entire process.

4. Large Storage Space

The stroller also has a large storage basket, which offers enough space to hold your gear. Moreover, the basket has extra mesh pockets on each side for added storage space. This enables you to carry all the essentials you need for your trip or vacation. The basket is located beneath the seats and can easily be accessed even when the child is seated. This eliminates the need for carrying a backpack with all your essentials stacked in. Besides the basket, the stroller also comes with the parent organizer right next to the handle bar. Here you can store your cellphone, iPod, keys and anything that you do not want to lose. Moreover, it also has two cup holders where you can keep your water bottles or beverage. The organizer has a rear zippered pocket and is machine-washable. It is quite essential as it keeps the most essential items right at your fingertips for easier access.

5. The Four-Wheel Suspension & Linked Rear Brakes

The stroller’s four wheel suspension system allows you to have a smooth ride on different surfaces and terrains. It is a highly maneuverable unit that can navigate through narrow spaces with ease. The large and sealed ball-bearing wheels will guarantee your little ones a smooth ride as this makes it quite easy to push. Moreover, the stroller has a smooth and extremely effective braking system. The double-action brakes are fully sandal-foot friendly and quite easy to use. You simply need to apply some little pressure and the whole system will come to a halt. This is very important when moving through busy streets or down a slope. The linked rear brakes provide additional security whenever the stroller is parked. This provides additional safety for your children as they will not roll on or topple over once you have braked and locked it.

6. Infant Car Seat Adapter

The Joovy Caboose tandem stroller also features the universal car seat adapter, which can fit most car seat brands. The adapter easily snaps into the tray housing. Any compatible car seat will therefore nest right in the position of the front seat, creating a wonderful place where your infant can ride comfortably. Whenever the car seat adapter is not in use, the child’s tray can be snapped into place, providing a place for beverages, snacks and even toys for your child. The stroller is compatible with a number of car seat models, including; the Evenflo Embrace, Graco Snug Ride Series & Safety Seat, the Compass Light and Portable Infant Car Seat, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio & Primo Viaggio SIP, the Britax Companion and Maxi-Cosi Mico among others. This makes it an ideal stroller for parents of infants or newborns, looking for the best and most comfortable way to move around with their little ones.
I. The stroller is easy to handle as it turns with ease and can move on different surfaces with ease.
II. It is easy to get children in and out of the stroller.
III. The oversize canopy provides optimum protection for your children against extreme weather.
IV. The padded handles provide comfortable grip for the parent as well as the standing toddler.
V. The unit is easy to set-up and collapse for easier transportation and storage.
VI. It is a compact and lightweight stroller which is extremely easy to move around.
VII. The stroller is extremely stable, hence it will not topple over with the children on board.
VIII. It also boasts of an elegant design.
I. On the downside, the stroller’s footrest is a little too short for children above two years.
1. Question: Can the push handle be adjusted to suit taller parents, without them having to hunch over while pushing?
Answer: No. The handle cannot be adjusted to suit a person’s height, however, it is designed to suite people of different heights.
2. Question: Can the car seat be fitted in the position of the rear seat?
Answer: No. The stroller only has one car seat adapter which is in the front-seat position, hence you cannot fit the car seat at the rear-seat position.

Joovy Caboose is a high-end stroller that is specially designed to offer optimal safety and comfort to the occupants, while ensuring convenience to the parent. It is a lightweight and highly maneuverable unit that can cruise through different terrains with ease. Moreover, its foldable design allows for easier transportation and storage as it takes up very minimal space. It also comes with a large storage space where you can keep your essentials. If you have plans to purchase a good quality stroller, the above Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller Review can help you make an informed decision before making your purchase.


The eBook Formula for Freelance Writers


So how much can you really make? Hugh Howey, one of biggest success stories of self-publishing, has sold over a million copies of his runaway success novel, Wool. Howey recognizes that he’s an outlier – not every self-published author is making as much as he does. But Howey loves to support other writers in any way he can. So he decided to conduct some research into how many writers are making a small but steady income from their craft. In an online writing forum, he asked how many writers were making between $100 and $500 per month selling self-published ebooks. The response shocked Howey. Not because he struggled to get responses. But because, in Howey’s own words: “Every response I received started with a variation of: ‘I’m actually making a lot more than that.’”

Howey heard from Jan Strand, who in January 2012 made over $11,000 from his self-published novels. He received a response from Rachel Schurig, who sold over 100,000 ebooks in one year and cleared a six-figure income. He also heard from Rick Gualtieri, who made over $25,000 in 2012, and Amanda Brice, who makes a nice side-income of $750 per month.

If you know how to spin a good yarn, and if you connect with the right audience, you can earn a good living selling your own ebooks. And remember, you only have to write a book once for it to start earning money. After you’ve written and published that eBook, you continue earning royalties from the work for as long as it continues to sell. And the more books you write, the more you earn.

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Reverse Phone Lookup



You may have been is a situation whereby you received a call or text from some strange number and could not figure out the identity of the caller or the source of that text. With Reverse Phone Lookup, it is possible to find out about the mystery contact. With this, the user is able to key in the unknown number and search. The platform provides a very extensive white pages directory which helps the user to do some sleuthing.

In some cases, knowing the person’s name might not be enough. After performing the initial lookup, one can take the search further. For instance, you may decide to investigate more personal details like the person’s additional phone numbers, email addresses, his/her social network profiles, the property information, public records, location, background and criminal records among others. To do the search, you simply need to enter the 10 digit phone number which should include the area code.

Gold Coast Accommodations: Beachcomber Resort


Gold Coast Accommodations: Beachcomber Resort

Beachcomber Resort

Beachcomber Resort which is situated at Pompano Beach in Florida offers comfortable accommodation with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort is located on the sandy sun kissed shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a perfect place to unwind after a busy day or while on vacation as it has outdoor pools and offers amazing sight-seeing opportunities for those who love adventure. It also has well equipped villas, suites and comfortable guest rooms and for those who would love to hold business meetings.

Each of these are outfitted with;

British colonial furnishings
Quality linens
Plush bedding
A work desk/table
Wireless internet access

The ocean-view suites and villas have a wet bar and kitchen area with a refrigerator and a micro-wave. There is a variety of beverage and food options at the resort. One can also visit the Tiki bar to enjoy a poolside potio dining. Note that room service is also available. The staff members at the resort provide attentive, friendly and top notch service. Any visitor is therefore certain he/she will get distinctive hospitality.

Other services and amenities at the resort include;

Free parking (One space for each registered room)
There is no fee charged for using the resorts chaise lounges
Free towels services offered at the swimming pools
Free passes to the local gym which is just a short distance from the resort

However, beach rentals at the resort’s beach are charged. They include beach cabanas and beach umbrellas. The hotel has everything that one needs to fully enjoy a South Florida vacation. In addition, it is just a few minutes from different recreation facilities like professional sports venues, cultural attractions and fabulous restaurants.

It also allows for online booking making it easier for those who are miles away from the resort. For anyone who loves comfort and convenience, Beachcomber Resort and Villas is just the best among the different Gold Coast Accommodation Options.

Wanna Know How to Keep Your Best Writing Clients? Here’s The Formula


freelancerTo get a stable income as a writer, consider this. Imagine, finding a client who’d will pay $100-150 for an article. Though that might seem great news, think of it this way: What if the client was worth about $10,000?

If you play the cards right, this might just be. If you convince him/her to pay $100 per article to write about 100 articles, you’ll have reached $10,000. It could take one year, or probably more to write such many articles, but its less work than actually writing 100 different articles for 100 clients.

Your goal, while writing, should be to get many quality long-term clients.

Think of this: Would it be better have a client who pays you $200 to write 1 article, or get $10,000 to write 100 articles? If you’re wise, you’ll jump at that income that’s provided by the long term-client.

Clients will always come and go in this content industry. More often when a client comes your way, many tend to follow. Similarly, when a client says bye, many others will go too. This may not happen due to something a writer did. It’s just because the writing world keeps the client come-client go kind of flow.

What if you’d get a clients who never say bye? For this to be so, you need to convince the clients that losing you is like a child losing their favorite teddy-bear. Here’s a look at tips you’ll need to ensure you keep the client for long.

1. Discounts

When you get a client that is worth keeping, prove that you are worth hanging onto. Offering 10% discount on every 4th batch of the articles that you I complete for the client is a great way to keep him/her coming for more. You’re actuality, boosting your overall income. It’s also good to offer the introductory discount —like 20% off the initial article. This entices the client

2. Blog about relevant topics

Be social to strengthen your client-writer relationship. It’s necessary to connect with clients a personable level. Like connecting with them on social media.

3. Always be honest
3. Have the strict-guarantee policy

If the client is not satisfied with the work, he/she shouldn’t pay for it.

As you progress as a writer, you’ll meet various clients. Following these tips will land you long-term clients.

What’s Your Passion? Is it Writing?

Make Money

Make Money

Want to be paid as you write whatever you want? This piece is for you. In case you want the absolute freedom to express yourself, while getting paid, I’ll help you. I’ll share with you a website that’s going to pay you as you write just about anything. I’ll also give you tips on starting your profitable website.

I’ve been earning my living on the internet for over 11 years. In any case, my story is a bit unusual.
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Bowflex Tread Climber


This is one of the best workout cardio machines that give the best results to a person. It has the capability to raise the rate at which the heart beats when compared to other workout machines. Most people prefer the bowflex Tread Climber as it does not strain the joints and by the end of the exercise, one does not feel extremely exhausted.

A good example of the bowflex tread climber is the TC20 tread climber which has a dual treadle system. It has a treadmill with belts that move as a person takes strides forward. It also has the stair climber functionalities with treadles that move up and down hence giving the elliptical trainer effect. The machine is quite instrumental in helping an individual to; loose weight, improve the density of the bones as well as increasing the energy levels. It also helps in checking someone’s cholesterol levels and enhancing leanness.

It is installed with a backlit LCD that helps to monitor the speed at which the person is moving. The device also records the time taken and the distance covered during the exercise. It also has a wireless heart rate monitor. The calories burned during the workout can easily be monitored. Whenever someone uses the machine, his/her profile is recorded. It has the capability to establish targets, monitors the progress and it resets automatically after a period of one week for instance. It is very easy to compare the progress at different points in time. The speed can be readjusted and it varies from a minimum of 0.5 miles per hour to a maximum of around 4.5 miles per hour. While using it, one can comfortably take water or flip through the pages of a magazine hence making the exercise enjoyable. The machine has a weight loss plan which is very important for loosing weight.

The machine ensures that less time is used during the workout time and yet the impact is enormous. The footboards on the machine make it easier for someone to start or stop the workout. A brand new machine usually comes with a well illustrated user manual and a three year warranty. With this machine, it is very easy for someone to personalize the workout. It is also quite portable given that it can be assembled and it also has wheels for easing its movement from one spot to the other.